Cash for cars all over Monrovia Indiana!

Got a Chrysler or Dodge vehicle that needs parts? Call us we will have the part you need. We also give cash for cars all over Indiana. If it doesn’t run we can tow it as well!

Look no further if you live in the Monrovia area!. Please stop by before the New Year if you need parts for your vehicle! Also if you have a rust bucket car that refuses to run and you need to get rid of it then give us a call. We bring cold hard cash and will make you an offer on the spot for you car! Also have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year sell you car and make some cash for Christmas with us!

Call for Junk yard prices 317-863-9295 for all and any parts needed for your Chrysler or Dodge!

Bring us your Chrysler or Dodge
Bring us your Chrysler or Dodge

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We are paying top dollar for your junk car and he can be a area south or Greenwood and many other areas surrounding Indianapolis.

We have been buying cars in the Indianapolis area for over 50 years. We specialize in all vehicles not just for Chrysler but also Nissan Maxima Toyota and many other types of vehicles. When you’re ready to junk your car you can call us anytime and we will be able to tell your car 24 hours a day. Are you tired of dealing with other 20 yards that hassle you and give you the runaround on when they’re going to be able to pick up your junk car then you should call us.


We are prompt polite and always on time when it comes to picking up your junk car. Are John Kerry has been mine car is in the Indianapolis area for a very long time. We are very good at what we do and we can actually tow two cars at a time. Remember when calling us to make sure that you have your keys and your title available and the make and model available so we can quickly give you a quote on your car. Cash for your cars is a very simple problem.




Metal could be dropping once again. Right now could be the best time to call we buy junk cars. If you call now our rates will be the same until the end of the month.

If for some reason metal does drop we promise our quote to be the same for at least a month.

Is your airbag blown? This means we will pay you more, it most likely has a good engine and a good engine is good for everyone. This means we can sell the engine to another person.

We will pay you extra for a junk car with a good engine. We will also pay you extra for junk car removal if your transmission is good or it has aluminum wheels.

Call us any day of the week. We are ready to buy your junk car. If you are ready to sell my junk car we are ready to buy.

Indianapolis Cash for junk cars

Indianapolis Cash For Cars


We will come to you and buy your car today.

Indianapolis Cash For Cars is buying automobiles quick! Almost new automobiles, junk automobiles, clunkers, gently used automobiles, automobiles with body problems, automobiles with hail problems, automobiles with engine problems, automobiles that run, automobiles that don’t, wrecked automobiles; it doesn’t matter, Indianapolis Cash For Cars will buy them all! Call us for a quote on your junk car or truck, and remember our TOP DOLLAR promise, comes with free towing, and we come to you and tow it the same day! Indianapolis Cash For Cars is  ready 24/7 to get your junk car or truck and turn it into $$$$ 2day! Indianapolis Cash For Cars buy junk vehicles of all kinds and condition. Indianapolis Cash For Cars all makes and models are welcome. Indianapolis Cash For Cars offer same day towing and prompt courteous service. When Indianapolis Cash For Cars come out to haul off your aged junk car in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, Indianapolis Cash For Cars will give you $$$$ right on the spot. No problem! Indianapolis Cash For Cars can assist you with the simple process of getting rid of that junker. $$$$ for your junk car is that easy!

Keep our environment clean and healthy by disposing and junking your aged junk automobiles for $$$$. Indianapolis Cash For Cars will buy junk automobiles, problems automobiles, wrecked automobiles, nice automobiles, not so nice automobiles, and plain aged clunkers all over the Indiana area. $$$$ for JUNK automobiles will guarantee you the best price for that unwanted vehicle. Indianapolis Cash For Cars will remove aged junk automobiles no matter what condition they’re in. Call us any time to remove your junk car.

Cash for cars Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS CASH FOR CARS is the Indianapolis areas fastest and best way 2 receive $$$ for your unwanted automobile. We will come 2 you, pickup that car, RV, van, SUV or even truck and pay u same day! Whether that vehicle is running or simply junk we will pick up that unwanted vehicle and turn it straight in2 $$! Sell your junk car now. Selling thay vehicle has never been this easy! Just pick up that phone and give us a call, we will make you the best offer for your vehicle! We will pay wayyyy more than anywhere else for vehicles that are especially wrecked, damaged or otherwise not working anymore as well as vehicles that are still running! If you want cash for any car, call 317-863-9295

We will come to you and tow your vehicle away.

Are you ready to sell? Because we are ready to buy!